Monday, May 01, 2006

Mon, 3 Apr 2006
Dearest Friends!

Can't stay online long right now - writing from a friend's computer ... It was an amazing amazing trip, just arriving here ... will write more later at some point with more details ... the hassle, the stress, the waiting, the jumping through hoops - the trip to Athens and alllllllllllllllllll the work there, nonstop, then backtracking to Berlin to pick up visa, then to Frankfurt ... it has been a mission impossible scenario, relay race, with full adrenalin ... and lots of help and support from some extraordinary people, guiding through every imaginable detail of putting all this together ... a billlllion little puzzle pieces ... WOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The flight over was superb. Sat next to the perfect person - an elderly, soulful Armenian lady who has been living in Frankfurt for 15 years - originally from Tehran. She is so lovely, and we sat together and were speaking in Persian language (including lots of sign language!) all the way over - except when she was singing some beautiful old Armenian songs, and then we sang a few together. It was a priceless, heart-ful voyage. (how bout that, Uncle Sudie!!!)

Arrived, only a few glitches about my visa ... then I was met by charming Nima, my guide here, an extraordinarily talented musician and poet. We went to Darband today, a wonderful mountain in the north of Tehran, and walked and climbed and huffed and puffed and had tea and then delicious food and more tea. Then to the museum, old home of Reza Shah. Now I am at his family's computer ... we just had a delicious meal of ghormeh sabzi, my favorite food!

OK dear everybody gotta close now, without even editing ... but truly I feel so at home here ... the people are lovely, warm and so caring and looking after me so thoughtfully. We even just had a wonderful jam session.

LLLLLLLLLLLLLOTS OF LOVE to you all, til soon



Blogger _/\/\ichael{R} said...

(Comments before reading anything)


Not only have you figured it all out, but you have made it look both attractive and professional.

When did you find the time? Have you cloned yourself? Can I have one of the clones?

Love and hugs, _/\/\ichael{R}

7:23 PM  
Blogger Eliana Gilad said...

I loved reading your blog Rowan.
Living in the Middle East for 15 years and in France for 3 (after leaving my native US homeland) has been a wonderful journey.

The ancient past - sacred use of music by females devoted to the Mother are what motivates me to search for the ancient roots and findings here in the Galilee and rebridging the past to the present - making the reconnection, is so important.

Would be happy to keep in touch.

Eliana Gilad

2:21 PM  

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